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Cala Sveva S.r.l.

Registered office: Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 39/E - 86039 Termoli (CB)

P.IVA.: 01458530704

Cod. Fis. 01458530704

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La Residenza Sveva


The Residenza Sveva is a unique example of innovative "made in Italy" accommodation, a Albergo Diffuso aimed at the recovery and enhancement of homes of a certain value in the context of the aBorgo Antico of Termoli , of medieval origin, perched on a rocky promontory .


The name is a tribute to the Swabian dynasty, to which it owes its period of greatest splendor and whose historical presence is sealed by the renovations and fortifications that Frederick II of Swabia brought to the Castle between the 12th and 13th centuries, a place that later became a symbol as well as a timeless icon of the city.


Our reception is located adjacent to the symbol of Termoli, namely the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Purificazione , a building full of charm where the remains of the co-patrons San Basso and San Timoteo, disciples of San Paolo, are kept.

The facade covered in light stone with a large portal preserves fragments of a Byzantine-style mosaic floor inside.


The horizontal distribution of the Residenza Sveva will give you the opportunity to walk and experience the alleys and squares that characterize the Borgo Antico. During your stay, the staff of our hotel will be happy to give you information and advice in order to savor every corner of our city.


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Our rooms

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The rooms of the Residenza Sveva have been designed to enhance the historical areas in which they are located and at the same time provide every modern comfort to our guests, choosing between double rooms, family room, junior suite and suite.
Customer satisfaction is the priority of the hotel staff and every aspect is taken care of to provide guests with an unforgettable holiday.

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About us

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Residenza Sveva

Piazza Duomo 11

86039 Termoli - BC -


Our contacts:

tel : +390875706803


email : info@residenzasveva.com

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